Friday, August 8, 2014


Escape to ... Nantucket

Oh, Nantucket. How I love you so.

Before my friend Laura got to Boston earlier this summer, she made a few requests. One was to see a game at Fenway, one was to celebrate the 4th on the cape, and one was to see Nantucket. Somehow we knocked out all three and while all were great, our day spent on Nantucket was a dream. After taking an early ferry, we began our day with breakfast at Met on Main. It was the weekend of the big storm and when we walked out it had started to drizzle. We popped into a few stores (In the Pink, C. Wonder Store) before deciding to brave the weather and rent bikes. Just as we left the Young's Bicycle Shop, the rain stopped. It was as if someone was listening to us. The ride to Cisco Brewery was filled with laughter, a few heart stopping moments (mine, since I hadn't ridden a bike in a few years), and sunshine. I'd been to Cisco in the fall but it was a completely different scene this time. It was filled with music, food, and tons of people who were all happy as clams. Although it was meant to be just a stop along the way, we couldn't leave without getting our fill of sangria, corn hole, and guacamole. After bidding adieu, we rode back to town, stopping along the way to see Harbor Square. Before getting back on our ferry, we stopped for pizza and ice cream. It was perfect.

With Love, Kris

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