Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Escape to ... Nashville, Part 1

Finally, my Nashville post is here! After many weeks of putting off going through the many photos I took (and cursing the heavens that I still haven't bought a real camera), I have finally sifted through and picked the ones that make me wish I was still there. Not only was the city as fun as I thought it would be but seeing my friends was just. the. BEST. Arriving last, I walked in to find my four gals, curled up in different spots, watching the show Nashville (gotta love a theme). The next morning, my room was slowly invaded by each girl. Piled onto and around the bed, we attempted to whisper until we just couldn't keep the giggles in anymore. It was very Little Women and I loved it! Our trip was only four days long but if I posted all the photos at once, what fun would that be?

Stay: Airbnb (in this particular apartment)

Visit: Grand Ole Opry (if you can, get show tickets) // 12 South St. (great shopping & eats) // Paradise Trailer Park Resort // The Stage // Cheekwood's Botanical Gardens (bring a picnic lunch) // Bluebird Cafe (get tickets ahead of time or get there EARLY) // Boot Country (buy 1, get 2 free. seriously)

Eat/Drink: Edley's BBQ // Jeni's Ice Cream // Acme // Barista Parlor // Pinewood Social (along with great food & drinks, there's games & bowling) // McDougal's Chicken

Skip: The Pfunky Griddle. Make your own pancakes sounds great in theory but this restaurant fails in execution. I'd say skip the long line (and the promise of smelling like food for the rest of the day) and head somewhere where brunch includes a mimosa.

Cadeau on 12 South St. 
Wanted to take the whole store home with me.
View from Acme. 

With Love, Kristtyn

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