Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I Left My Heart in Somerville

After I returned from winter break, I had only 4 days to pack myself up and do all my favorite Somerville things. I know I've already expressed my love for this city more than once here but I just can't help it. Here's a recap:

Three Little Figs. All I can say, and all I need to say is lavender biscuit.
Soul. Train. Fitness. Erica Bornstein is probably one of the best dance instructors 
I've come across who can also get me to do mountain climbers and burpees with no complaints. 
Cucumber margaritas, guacamole, tacos, and done! 
Machu Picchu. Peruvian food will always be my favorite 
but was even better when I got to share it with my girlfriends.
Dave's. A Somerville institution. I have been known to spend hours 
in this tiny place, tasting cheeses, tasting wine, debating between cured meats and local produce. 
Last but not least, our home. Proud of this little apartment
and all the events and people that have passed through.

To Somerville, With Love,

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