Friday, May 23, 2014


This Weekend, Why Don't You ... 

Plan a reunion with your best buds!

Despite the fact that most of us are sprinkled across the country, I have been lucky enough to keep up with almost all of my college friends. A few weeks ago, my friend Lana reached out to myself and a couple others with the idea of planning a reunion. This little idea was all we needed to get the ball rolling. First up, the date. Labor Day weekend. Second, the location. After a little back and forth, Nashville. Accommodations? We're very into Airbnb. Now all we need to do is pull the trigger on flights! I realize taking a plane ride anywhere might not be the easiest thing to do but the point is, it's all about making an effort. My girlfriends are pretty great at sending texts every so often to give encouragement or just to say "this made me think of you." We've also done our fair share of setting up phone dates (an issue when dealing with opposite coasts) and conference calls (middle-school three-way calling style). On the rare a occasion, old-school snail mail pops up and that's great too. However you decide to do it, use the long weekend as an opportunity to reach out to those that mean the most. And then go enjoy your extra day off :)

We're coming for you, Nashville!

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