Sunday, September 28, 2014


Weekend Recap ...

Even though we are now officially in fall and leaves have started to change, the sun is just not letting up and I am so OKAY with this! Knowing that temperatures would be in the 80's this past Saturday, we decided to finally make the trip up to Maine to check out the Wells Reserve at Laudholm. C's mom had been talking about this place all summer and how amazing it was. Not only was it the most perfect fall beach day but we happened to go on the day of the Punkin Fiddle. We were able to taste some homemade jams and salsa's and sip on some freshly pressed apple cider. On our way home we stopped in Ogunquit for some lobster rolls and ice cream. What a New England dream! As always, on Sunday I whipped up a breakfast treat (my favorite meal of the day) and then prepped for my first week at my field work site. It was a nice way to finally say goodbye to my summer. Until next year!

How did you spend your weekend?

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Escape to ... Nashville, Part 2

Three posts in one week, what a treat! To wrap up, I just need to talk about the Bluebird Cafe. What a ridiculously incredible experience. If you know anything about music and Nashville, you know that most well known artists and songs have made their debuts in this historic (yet tiny) institution. We knew there was a chance that we wouldn't get in but we took a gamble and arrived at the Bluebird 2 hours before the show was scheduled to start. We couldn't believe it when the hostess came out to tell us that we and the four people behind us were the last to get in. While we had to sit separately, we didn't care. For 2 hours we watched and listened as the amazing female songwriters and their guests took turns singing their songs and telling the stories that inspired them. It was like being a fly on the wall during the most amazing jam session. I don't have a lot of spiritual experiences but this was one. I sang along (quietly), laughed, cried, and smiled the biggest smile knowing that my friends and I were able to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience with each other. Definitely on my top life moments list.

Cheekwood's Botanical Gardens.
Barista Parlor.
Bluebird Cafe.
Excited for gluten free options.

With Love, Kristtyn

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Escape to ... Nashville, Part 1

Finally, my Nashville post is here! After many weeks of putting off going through the many photos I took (and cursing the heavens that I still haven't bought a real camera), I have finally sifted through and picked the ones that make me wish I was still there. Not only was the city as fun as I thought it would be but seeing my friends was just. the. BEST. Arriving last, I walked in to find my four gals, curled up in different spots, watching the show Nashville (gotta love a theme). The next morning, my room was slowly invaded by each girl. Piled onto and around the bed, we attempted to whisper until we just couldn't keep the giggles in anymore. It was very Little Women and I loved it! Our trip was only four days long but if I posted all the photos at once, what fun would that be?

Stay: Airbnb (in this particular apartment)

Visit: Grand Ole Opry (if you can, get show tickets) // 12 South St. (great shopping & eats) // Paradise Trailer Park Resort // The Stage // Cheekwood's Botanical Gardens (bring a picnic lunch) // Bluebird Cafe (get tickets ahead of time or get there EARLY) // Boot Country (buy 1, get 2 free. seriously)

Eat/Drink: Edley's BBQ // Jeni's Ice Cream // Acme // Barista Parlor // Pinewood Social (along with great food & drinks, there's games & bowling) // McDougal's Chicken

Skip: The Pfunky Griddle. Make your own pancakes sounds great in theory but this restaurant fails in execution. I'd say skip the long line (and the promise of smelling like food for the rest of the day) and head somewhere where brunch includes a mimosa.

Cadeau on 12 South St. 
Wanted to take the whole store home with me.
View from Acme. 

With Love, Kristtyn

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Escape to ... Dublin

Dublin may have been the last stop on our trip but it is definitely not the least. I fell in love with the people of Ireland way before I got to actually visit. When I finally made it to Ireland in 2006, I knew I had found my place. You know, that place that you could really see yourself living in if the opportunity ever presented itself? Well Ireland is that place for me. This was my fourth trip to Dublin. Seeing it again was like seeing an old friend, time has passed but you pick up right where you left off. Even though we were only there for less than 48 hours, I was happy to introduce my brother to this city I love so much and some of the people who made me love it so much. 

With love,

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Escape to ... Edinburgh

To continue with my mini European adventure, today's recap is about Scotland. From the moment I stepped onto the streets of Edinburgh, I knew I had found someplace special. Don't get me wrong, London was wonderful but I think I'm more of a small city girl and Edinburgh is a city with all the charm of a small town. We took full advantage of the fact that we could walk almost everywhere and did, even in the rain!

Trip Highlights: Edinburgh Castle // Palace of Holyroodhouse // Royal Yacht Britannia // the Scotch Whiskey Experience // day trip to Loch Ness and the Highlands

With Love, Kristtyn