Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Gift Guide ... Weddings

Summer time is THE time to get married. Just ask everyone you know. If you're like me (mid-twenties with many friends), you can bet your bottom dollar that you will be attending at least one wedding this summer or your friend is attending one or you know someone who is having one. Let's be honest, weddings can be great fun. Who doesn't like to get dressed up, enjoy a cocktail or two, and dance the night away with your pals? *side note: I once attended a dry wedding and it was still pretty fun. Anyways, with all the recent weddings taking place I have started to look for gifts that are not on the couple's registry because who doesn't like a surprise? While I think it's fun to give unexpected gifts, I try to keep in mind that these gifts should be kept neutral (there's a reason people put the things they do on their registry, people!). Here are some of my favorites:

These cuties would also be perfect as an engagement gift. 
*I'm currently obsessed with Furbish Studio, check out their other home goodies!

This newlywed cooking set is from Red Envelope. You could always use this as inspiration and send the couple your favorite cookbook with monogramed aprons.

Can I have one of these just because?! This anniversary wine box is genius. 
You can order the box pre-filled or you can buy just the box and choose your own favorite wine.

A beautiful picnic basket for two is definitely a gift I wouldn't turn down. It's something most couples would like but probably never think to buy for themselves. Good thing they have you. 

Lastly, for the people who have everything, how nice would it be to have a personalized art piece? Uncommon Goods has a few great options. I'm especially loving the bottom right piece.

Happy wedding season!


Anonymous said...

hello daughter! I really enjoy reading your blog everyday you are a PERUVIAN MARTHA STEWARD. lOVE YOUU

Anonymous said...

Really appreciate reading this one, Great ideas...

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristtyn-
Love the wedding gift ideas. Great for second wedding couples who have everything. Also, think I will make the Greek salad sounds delicious. Can't wait to see the photos from Peru. Happy blogging-
Cathy W.

Anonymous said...

Awesome ideas Kristtyn! I just bought the cute Mr. and Mrs. cocktail glasses for an upcoming wedding - thank you!

Kristtyn said...

That's great!

Kristtyn said...

Thank you Cathy :)

Kristtyn said...

Glad you like it!

Kristtyn said...

Haha thank you mom