Monday, July 14, 2014


Weekend Recap

Last Tuesday I turned 27 and have been celebrating ever since. Month long celebrations are kinda my thing. I've found that while I love a big bash where you can see everyone at once, it's sometimes nicer to spend small bits of quality time with loved ones. My birthday has been the perfect excuse to do such a thing. This past weekend we were able to head up to New Hampshire to celebrate with Colin's family. As always, NH did not disappoint. 

The Rose Berry cocktail at Mombo.

My gift from Colin's father - an original piece of art work 
by Coin B. (aka a 4 year old Colin)

I finally went fishing for the first time ever. 
This shot doesn't capture my true feelings about hooking my own bait.

Shot from the Old Ferry Landing.

With love, Kris

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