Wednesday, November 6, 2013


On My Mind ... Pajama Party

Hello, November it's so nice to see your cold weather again! As temperatures drop (you know to the 30's and 20's), there is nothing cozier than sleeping in beautiful pajama sets. I just can't get enough of them. I used to defer to the college uniform of a T-shirt and sweats until Patty saw me. She took one look at me and gasped. At the time, I had a boyfriend and her actual response to me was, "I'd rather you go to bed naked then look like that in front of your guy." Did your jaw drop? Ya, mine did too. Regardless, I have embraced PJ sets with open arms!


Clockwise from top: Bowden // J. Crew // Jack Wills // Eberjey // Topshop

* Collage made with Polyvore

1 comment:

Victoria said...

well I pretty much live in pajamas, so i guess I need all of them :)