Monday, March 10, 2014


Weekend Recap ... 

This past weekend I went up to Vermont with Col for a relaxing time with friends. The past couple of weeks have been crazy busy and not having anything to do was amazing. So amazing that I didn't even do the thing I love doing the most - take pictures! Instead, I will recap the fun but speedy trip I took to NYC last weekend. My best, Laura, gets to travel for work. Whenever possible we turn these work trips into friend time since living on opposite coasts doesn't allow for as much face time as we'd like. It was a quick trip but fun nonetheless! 

Visit: Babycakes // TopShop 

Eat: Aria Wine Bar // Bar Pitti (amazing authentic Italian, so good) // Kotobuki

Pretty lights outside of Aria.

My NYU roomies.

The amazing view out of my friend's apartment.

Goofing around in TopShop. 
If I ever get up the courage, I want to actually buy this hat and wear it.

Happy Monday all!

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