Thursday, February 27, 2014


Style ... Paper Dresses

I know what you're thinking, "uh, paper dresses?"No, I promise I have not gone crazy and yes, this is real. If you're like me, you probably had a box of dress up clothes that consisted of scraps of fabric and my mom's discarded clothes. Instead of a box of ratty old stuff, 4 year old "Mayhem" has a closet full of beautiful dresses made from, you guessed it, paper. This fun DIY venture began when Mayhem's mother Angie suggested her daughter begin using paper for her fashion creations as a way to save her own clothing from the little one's hands. In the past 9 months, this mother-daughter duo has come up with designs inspired by characters, red carpet gowns, Project Runway, and Mayhem's imagination. Just look at what they've done:

If you want more information about Mayhem and Angie, check out this article.
If you want to see their latest and greatest creations, head over to their Instagram or website.

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