Monday, February 10, 2014


Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! This weekend Colin and I checked out a couple of local breweries. I've never been a huge beer fan (Bud Lights in college don't count) but both Colin and his brother have introduced me to a whole new world of craft beer. I have to admit, if given the choice I'll still choose a glass of champs or cider, but stepping out of my comfort zone is good for the soul, right? I think that's written on a poster board somewhere... Either way it was awesome, plus we go to meet the people behind these small breweries and hear all about how the beers were developed. Added bonus, they are located right next to each other!

Night Shift pretties. 


The list at Idle Hands.

Took me a second to figure out their logo, but I got it!

Happy Campers.

 Did you do try anything new this weekend? 
Let me know!

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