Thursday, February 6, 2014


Style ... Surviving Snow Storms

When I found out I was moving to Boston, one of the first things I did was buy a parka. I didn't know much about New England, but I did know that there was no way I was going to make it through the winter without one of these bad boys. It is probably the single best "moving to Boston" purchase I made. Now in my second year, not only do I know the importance of a great parka but I also know the essentials that make winters bearable.

1. // A great parka: Wherever you get it from make sure of this - it should be long (legs can get very cold, very fast), have a hood, have removable fur (for a little flair), and be fitted (it helps keep the warmth in).
2. // A cozy knit sweater: Unbeknownst to me, I had/have a huge love of warm, fuzzy sweaters. Colin can't stand them (one of the weird fashion issues he has) but honestly, there is nothing better than putting on a slightly over-sized cozy sweater. When it's especially cold, I layer tanks or shirts under.
3. // Cashmere lined gloves: I know cashmere sounds a little indulgent but let me tell you, it's necessary. I have two pairs of gloves, a random pair I bought one day when I forgot my good ones at home and my good ones. The randoms have become the gloves I use to clean snow off my car and my good ones, they're the ones that keep my fingers warm and toasty. 
4. // A thick scarf: I love this snood in particular because it's warm and covers my entire neck area and sometimes half my face - also necessary when the wind picks up. (I also own the matching beanie which is just as cute but sold out now or else I would have listed it too).
5. // Fleece-lined leggings: Leggings lined with fleece. Enough said. 
6. // Tall snow boots: I have a pair of short Sorel's and while they are wonderful, sometimes the snow is just piled way too high and my pants/socks get wet. When this happens I switch over to a sturdy pair of rubber rain boots. If you want to cover your bases and only invest in one pair, I suggest a tall pair.

I hope this information helps those of you out there 
who are headed to colder weather (ahem, Samantha). 

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