Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Weekend Recap ...

Happy Wednesday! I know I'm a little late on this post but Monday was a holiday so that's my excuse! This weekend we FINALLY made it to Neuva York (New York in Spanish). I say finally because this was our third attempt. And well, third time really is the charm. We got to see old friend's of both mine and Colin's, make new friends, and try new places. It was lovely, even if it was cold. The best part was that I got to cross off a few places on the ongoing list I have of things to do there (I now have one for 5 different cities). My friend Laura will be there in two weeks and I am reeeally hoping to be able to meet her so that we can cross off a few more together.

My love affair with NYC started when I was 19 and participated in a summer session at NYU. I went without knowing anyone and I felt so brave and ready to take on the city! I remember feeling very alive and for a moment, I strongly considered transferring colleges so that I could stay. It's been 7 years since that crazy, wonderful summer and while I no longer think I could live there, I do still appreciate the feeling I get while walking along those streets. It's really unlike anything else.

A few details from the weekend:

Stay: The Lexington  (great location)

Visit: Eataly // Chelsea Market // 9/11 Memorial // Times Square // White Horse Tavern (fun fact, Jack Kerouac used to frequent here, among many other poets)

Eat: Sevilla // Clinton Hall // Preserve 24 (go for brunch, get the chorizo hash) // Num Pang (best sandwich I have ever stumbled upon, and blood orange lemonade - OMG)

 Wonderful set up at an antique store we ducked into

(I. Died.)

9/11 Memorial

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market

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