Sunday, February 2, 2014


Gift Guide ... Valentine's Day

When I was little, everyone gave each other Valentine's days gifts. Of course, this was usually because the teacher said we had to. But still, it was so nice to receive little somethings from your peers. Now that I'm older, Valentine's day is an excuse to remind my nearest and dearest that I'm thinking about them and how much they mean to me. Since I can't send everyone a gift, I have narrowed my list down to: my boyfriend, my mom, my dad, my best friend, and my brother. After a lengthy search, I have found a few things they may like, along with appropriate cards. Hope it provides some inspiration for your own gifts!

1. & 2. // For my love: This Mr. Boddington's Studio card incorporates my feelings, a little mush, and a nautical theme, perfection! The One Night Stand Potion incorporates Colin's love of anything sweet and his love of making well-crafted cocktails.

3. & 4. // For my Patty: Mom and I fell in love with Paris many years ago. What a better way to say I love you, than in French? I've sent her macarons before, but these are just too cute with their take on old school Valentine's day heart candies.

5. & 6. // For my dad: He lives in Peru now and I think appreciates receiving snail mail as opposed to email. I love this card's vintage feel. My dad's biggest thrill in life (other than his kids, of course) is traveling, thus this wonderful travel guide by the New York Times (by the way, there are other versions, with various destinations).

7. & 8. // For my best friend: Laura and I were in a sorority in college and that experience meant so much to both of us. Our symbol was an arrow, thus this very perfect card. This Breakfast at Tiffany's sleep mask is so amazing, I could use one myself! What girl doesn't want to feel like Audrey Hepburn?

9. & 10. // For my brother: I've been so jealous of his musical abilities my whole life, but I also love to celebrate his talent. This card covers that. As with most little brothers, I've watched my own play countless video games. I don't know about Nick, but I definitely love him more than video games.

11. // Last but not least: People often say, "don't forget about yourself!" - I rarely do. How unique is this tortoise shell clutch? (I have a feeling Patty may barter with me for it).

Happy gifting!

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