Monday, April 7, 2014


Weekend Recap

Have I mentioned how much I love family time? Because I. LOVE. IT. and THEM. Living across the country has been a challenge but it makes the time we do spend together that much more special. Of course, Patty came in being her most fabulous self and left me with multiple words of wisdom ("You should really take up piano and French this summer to round out your cultural education"). Dad thought I was freezing him to death for fun even though I explained to him that 50 degrees means spring in Boston (he lives below the equator). Nick, the musician, fell in love with the Beehive in the South End because who wouldn't? We all are so different and yet, kinda exactly the same. There was a lot of hugging, talking about childhood memories, and of course jokes ( or "yokes" as my accented parents say). It was the best.

Stay: The Copley Square Hotel (family loved it)

Visit: Boston Duck Tours // JFK Library and Museum // Newbury Street

Eat: Island Creek Oyster Bar (my favorite place in all of Boston) // The Beehive // Papa Razzi // The Merchant // The Met Back Bay (Build Your Own Bloody Mary)

Mom and me (I?)

Dad trying to keep it together in the "cold."

Samuel Enrrique and Samuel Nickolas. 
Yes, that's two R's. We love our double letters in this family.

Not even a little embarrassed about this one. 
Who say's you can't be a tourist in your home?

Hope you all had just as good of a weekend and happy Monday!!

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