Friday, October 11, 2013


Home is where the work never ends.

As I've mentioned, we moved apartments ... and I started graduate school again, thus the long absence. Back to my home. At first I was thrilled with the idea because our old place didn't feel like ours. We lived there and brought most of our stuff but something about the space didn't quite fit us. I think it's because we always knew that it would not be a permanent place (the landlord went traveling for a year and we were just keeping it warm for him). After two months of many IKEA and Home Goods trips, we are finally feeling right at home in our new place. There's still more to do but so far I think it's looking really good. Heres a sneak peak!

The living room. I am obsessed with our Lulu and Georgia rug.

And from the other side (excuse the fan). 
Also, I'm in the market for an overstuffed arm chair. Preferably in a deep blue.

Explaining what a gallery wall is to Colin is finally paying off! 
Just need a few more pieces.

At first we just threw the bookcases up. 
I spent an hour the other night styling them up and they look A LOT better:

I'm dying for a bar cart, but for now this will do.

The fireplace doesn't work but these candles add ambience.

Every dinner of my childhood was around a table. 
Even though we don't have the biggest kitchen, I could not bear the thought of not having one.

My new fall centerpiece that currently lives on our coffee table. 
I picked the leaves and pinecones from a tree on campus (shhhh!).

Up next on my list are the bathroom & our bedroom. 
Hopefully, they won't take as long!

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