Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Weekend Recap.

Finally, a weekend all to myself! With midterms being over, I jumped at the chance to go to Nantucket. I know what you must be thinking, "summer's over." But friends, Nantucket is not only for summer. We had the best time hanging out on the beach (bundled up), watching seals swim by, going to a clam chowder contest (to be repeated), and walking around the beautiful downtown. At times it was freezing but we also got a good bit of sun in - which we enjoyed while wearing scarves and jackets, ha! Here's to another beautiful New England fall!

When we arrived we found that the house was stocked
 with great props, obviously we went for the hats.

When we found out there was a clam chowder contest we beelined it there 
and tried about 10 different kinds. No complaints about any of them.

Happy clam chowder tasters.

Most beautiful beach day.

A fire to keep us warm.

I wish this picture would have come out better, 
but how great is this Lilly Pulitzer covered Jeep?

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