Monday, October 14, 2013


Month Recap.

It has been a crazy start to my second and last year of grad school. As much as I love school and Boston, I do miss my California home. A few weeks ago I got the chance to go home and surprise my family. It was way too short but I loved every moment of it, especially getting to see my cousins. Being the eldest of the bunch, it's always fun to see how much everyone is changing and growing. I am close to all my cousins but I have to say I just love my girls. Even though we're family and have grown up together, we could not be more different. This is especially evident in the way we dress. It's been said before, but what you put on your body is so much more than fabric. It's a reflection of who you are and who you want to be in that moment. I thought it would be fun to share a few snap shots of my beautiful cousins showing off their personal style.

All of us together.

Aryana. She is a true chameleon. Whether its changing her hair color or her style, she has fun trying out different looks. I love that she topped off her simple dress with these amazing ankle strapped heels.

Stephanie. This girl never passes up an opportunity to be glam. Her beautiful skin color makes her a great canvas for a wide range of colors, hello shoes & lips! If I could have, I would have stolen this LBD (shhh).

Karina. I don't get to see her often (she's a Texan now) but when I do I am reminded of her sweet disposition which comes out in her style. This flowy top was made extra special by these delicate details.

Alexis. She's my bad a** chick. What I love about her is that although she exudes toughness, she manages to balance her look by adding feminine touches. Also, she has the best eyes in the family. 

* I just want to give a big thank you to my uncle for providing us with a great opportunity to get together. You should definitely do this every year! I couldn't resist adding a few more photos, so enjoy!

Almost (almost) all of my cousins. 


ericahr said...

LOVE these !

Marlies Suarez said...

Ahh….love this one! It was so great to see you - what a surprise and thanks for coming! :)