Monday, January 6, 2014


Weekend Recap

Hello, 2014! Less than a week into the new year and already I feel like I am off and running. After touching down from the Dominican Republic (post to come later), I had two days to unpack and repack. We drove up to Montreal where we were greeted by below zero temperatures. Even though I was wrapped up like an eskimo, it was still a great time. Back in Boston, the snow felt like it was never ending. Regardless, seeing friends, having a date night, and enjoying a 49ers win was the best kick off to 2014 I could have asked for.

Our fourth New Years Eve together.

Le Bier Markt. 
Great beer based cocktails and a very LONG list of imported beers.

If you ask people in Montreal, this is what I looked like. 

Our drive home took longer with the snow storm, but it made for a beautiful view.

Friday night we braved the cold to check out State Park with our friends. 
It has only been open for a few weeks but it feels like it has been around forever. The food was excellent (Kentucky Hot Brown, pictured above), they had pitchers of mixed drinks, and games! If you're in the mood for shuffle board, pool, or pin ball machines, this is your place!

My 49ers went up against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. In an attempt to make healthier snack choices, I made this roasted brussels sprout dish. Although the wrong color, it was a a hit (I'll make sure to put the recipe up soon!).

Tonight I'm off again, this time to California! 
I'm already loving 2014 so much.

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